Russian Railways are going to launch their own app.

The Russian company is going to broaden the range of their services. In the nearest future the passengers will be offered services of bus transfers, cars shipment by trains. Also, with a help of new mobile app you will be able to plan your trip, buy tickets and control your bookings.


Four new museums in the Tula Kremlin

In 2016 there will be four new museums in the Kremlin in Tula. There will be The Museum of Military History, The Museum of Popular Arts, The Museum of Samovars and The Museum of Prjianiki, the sweet gingerbread of Tula, which is one of the symbols of Tula region. The main restoration works were already […]


New nature trail in Karachaevo-Cherkessia

A new nature trail, “Amazing and unique Arkhyz”, was opened in Karachaevo-Cherkessia with the support of the “Rusgidro” Company. The trail with its overall drop of 700 meters has the length of 2500 meters. The nature trail runs on the Orlenock River valley, the most beautiful valley of the northern slope of Sofia range. It […]


Air Berlin stops the flights to Russia

The German airline announced that the flights to Russia will be stopped in January 2016 due to declining passenger traffic. It was said that since the beginning of the year the airline has already changed the program of flights several times. But unfortunately, the demand for the flights is still not as expected that is […]


Free entrance for kids

“This year all children have a free entrance to Russian under federal jurisdiction museums”, — said the Minister of Cultural Affairs, Vladimir Medinsky. Moreover, it doesn’t matter of kid’s nationality. «Our museums are the best places for historical and cultural education. As more children there, as more we achieve our goals!» According to Medinsky, the […]


Tomsk and its new monument

Tomsk offers to restore the wooden ruble monument. Siberian news agency reports that in the past it stood in the central square. According to Tomsk sculptor Oleg Kislitskiy, the monument will help to strengthen a public confidence in the national currency. The monument is not a panacea of the financial crisis, but this sculpture can […]


New airport in Moscow

According to the Moscow Committee of tourism there is a new international airport to be constructed in the capital of Russia. The complex of 250 000 square meters will be located 78 km away from the city. The construction will have been completed by 2017. The airport Ermolino will let unclog the air traffic of […]


Cars from our yard in Moscow

The exhibition “Cars from our yard” was opened at VDNKH. It’s a unique project, which gives a XX century’s atmosphere. Retro-car fans can find their time machine in the 2nd pavilion. Until April everyone has an opportunity to see yards from our childhood. More than 30 cars will surprise you with their antique.


Space souvenirs from Moscow

Moscow Planetarium has a souvenir shop now. Everyone can buy a star or planet here. Space souvenirs are various and rouse interest among museum visitors. Also you can buy here personal telescope, sky map, specialized literature, models of each planet of the Solar System. The shop is opened in Planetarium working hours.