Gelendzhik\’s plans

Gelendzhik has plans to open several tourist parks.In the near future, one of the parks will be opened in the area of


Altai\’s animals for everyone

This summer “Belokuriha resort” (Altai Territory) will open a new park with different animals. There will be a wonderful place for bisons, yaks, Yakut horses, cows and muskoxens. All animals will have their own open-air cages. It is a great opportunity to attract more tourists not only from Russia, but from other countries.


Knyazh Vladimir monument in Moscow

Moscow City Duma decided to unveil the Knyazh Vladimir monument near the Vorobyovy Hills. It will be dedicated to National Unity Day (4th November). Duma’s deputies say that the project budget is 150 million rubles. It is important that before that Duma’s deputies will ask Moscow habitants about this idea. Monumental art commission has approved […]


Mineral Waters development

Skolkovo will develop a strategy for the medical cluster development of Caucasian Mineral Waters. \»The main aim today is to upgrade existing facilities and to lay the foundation for the medical and spa cluster of new generation\», — said the head of the Ministry of Public Health Lev Kuznetsov. Moreover, it will be possible to […]


Cars from our childhood

The exhibition “Cars from our yard” was opened at VDNKH. It’s a unique project, which gives a XX century’s atmosphere. Retro-car fans can find their time machine in the 2nd pavilion. Until 19th April everyone has an opportunity to see yards from our childhood. More than 30 cars will surprise you with their antique.


Info center for tourists in Rostov

Now Rostov-on-Don has information centre for tourists. It was created for the development of tourism industry. This center will include actual information about hotels, restaurants, museums, theatres and other entertainment things from travel agencies. They also will take all expenses for personnel maintenance and other services.


Paste museum in Russia

Modern interactive paste museum will be opened this year in Belyov, Tula region. The museum will give visitors the opportunity to learn about the secrets of paste cooking. Belevsky paste is the main brainchild of a famous Russian merchant Ambrose Prokhorov. It had exported since 1881 to the royal court in France, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria […]


Loving St. Petersburg

One of the Russian online booking services undertakes a study, which showed that St. Petersburg is the best city for Valentine\’s Day. Tourists are ready to spend 3 thousand rubles for 2, 5 days in Petersburg’s hotel. Also the top of Russian cities (in the number of tourist trips for February 14) includes Moscow, Sochi, […]


Moscow space food

All tourists and Moscow habitants can buy real space food at VDNkh. The legendary “Space” pavilion offers to eat this strange, but interesting food in tubes. You should know that it’s the first time ever for non-astronauts. Usually, only spacemen have an opportunity to try it. Now you can be one of them! Moreover, edible […]