Transaero and the Ministry of Transport

Russian airline “Transaero” has appealed to the Ministry of Transport with a proposal to cancel the prohibiting order of using mobile devices during a flight. According to a new study of the European Aviation Safety Agency and the Federal Aviation Administration signals from mobile phones do not affect the operation of the plane’s equipment.


Summer at the Sokolniki

Organizer Committee of the “Sokolniki” park is actively preparing for new summer season. It was officially opened at May. The park is available for 72 entertainment services. Moreover, this summer will be opened the Summer Theater, new beach areas, new libraries, Central beds, etc. Everyone can find their own interesting thing.


Unique foodmarket in Moscow

All tourists and Moscow habitants can buy real space food at VDNkh. The legendary “Space” pavilion offers to eat this strange, but interesting food in tubes. You should know that it’s the first time ever for non-astronauts. Usually, only spacemen have an opportunity to try it. Now you can be one of them! Moreover, edible […]


Gastronomic opportunities for tourists

St Petersburg government is taking into accounts gastronomic travel directions. On future ways tourists will be able to take trips through famous and popular places, possibly connected with Russian history and surrounded by theatrical performances.


Souvenirs from Planetarium

Moscow Planetarium has a souvenir shop now. Everyone can buy a star or planet here. Space souvenirs are various and rouse interest among museum visitors. Also you can buy here personal telescope, sky map, specialized literature, models of each planet of the Solar System. The shop is opened in Planetarium working hours.


Altai and its animals

This summer “Belokuriha resort” (Altai Territory) will open a new park with different animals. There will be a wonderful place for bisons, yaks, Yakut horses, cows and muskoxens. All animals will have their own open-air cages. It is a great opportunity to attract more tourists not only from Russia, but from other countries.


Paris symbol in Gelendzhik

A new attraction for tourists has appeared in Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Krai. A small copy 12 meters high of the Paris Tower was established here. At night the sculpture shines with multicolored lights and gives inspiration to take beautiful photos near the installation.


Moscow symbols

Now Moscow has got its own symbols and slogan. The logo represents the name of the capital in colored letters (with unique print). Moreover, it is already legally protected. The Russian slogan sounds like “Not just a city”. “Symbols and slogan will be used for exhibitions and other tourist activities” — said Sergei Shpilko, the […]


Lovely horses in Yakutia

The resort “Belokuriha” has bought unique Yakut horses. “They are very beautiful and have a long undercoat, bushy tail and a long mane. The horses of this breed are hardy and undemanding. Even in winter they are able to forage themselves,”- said deputy general director of “Belokuriha” Sergei Corporal.