New Labirintia in Russia

An entertainment center “Labirintia” opened on Nevsky Prospect. The extension of the maze is 600 meters. It hides a lot of secrets for little visitors like chests and boxes with magic gifts. It is «Through the Looking-Glass» themed and has its own Rabbit Hole. Creators of “Labirintia” call it a country populated by fairies, wizards […]


Krasnogorsk will have the biggest hotel in the world

Crocus Group Company is planning to build the biggest hotel in the world. New resort Holiday Inn will have more than 1000 rooms. It is to be located in Krasnogorsk, Moscow Oblast. The construction has begun recently. It will have been finished by 2018.


Do you know about the longest bridge in Russia?

439 meters long suspension bridge od Sochi, Russia is a thing for russians to be proud of. It was openedin summer 2014 and has 2 sightseeing platforms. The Telegraph claims it can stand earthquake and it is made of 740 tonnes of steel. For now this is the longest bridge in the world.


Internet in the \»Aeroexpress\»

“Aeroexpress” company decided to get on the road the Wi-Fi system. So, all passengers can use free internet during their trip to airports. It is a great opportunity to surf the Internet and always be in touch with your family, friends and colleagues. “Aeroexpress” hopes that all clients will approve this service.


Theatre Olympus in Sochi

On 22 June the festival ‘Theatre Olympus -2015’ was opened in Sochi with a musician fairytale ‘Old photographs tell’ presented by theater of national cultures ‘Zabaikalskie uzory’ (Transbaikalian patterns). This year, six theatre groups from all over the country participated in the the festival. The program of the ‘Theatre Olympus’ includes such works as ‘The […]


Baby Boom in Almaty Zoo

Almaty Zoo is the oldest zoo in Kazahstan and it is a member of the Eurasian Regional Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EARAZA). Summing up the results of the first half of the year, Almaty Zoo may say that it was an exciting period. During this spring Baby Boom, the zoo has had offsprings from […]


New Russian sports cluster \»White Mountain\»

The concept of a sports cluster «White Mountain» in Arsenevsky urban district and Yakovlevskiy area developed in Primorye. The purpose of the cluster is the development of recreation and tourism infrastructure. Moreover, it is important to create a competitive tourism market and to develop domestic tourism. It is expected that guests will ride here for […]


New Baikal museum

Foreigners prefer lake Baikal more frequently nowadays. Thus, Irkutsk administration makes efforts to improve local services and build more attractions. One of the current projects is to put special huge sculptures on the bottom of the lake for divers. Organizations keep in secret the themes of installations, but we can expect something in Hollywood scales.


Rostov paste for everyone

Modern interactive paste museum will be opened this year in Belyov, Tula region. The museum will give visitors the opportunity to learn about the secrets of paste cooking. Belevsky paste is the main brainchild of a famous Russian merchant Ambrose Prokhorov. It had exported since 1881 to the royal court in France, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria […]