Marutzzi Travel Bonus Card

Great news for all the customers of MARUTZZI TRAVEL & TOURISM!

From May 1st, 2011 we start introducing corporate bonus saving cards:




The bonus saving card — this is your opportunity to get bonus points by paying for travel services.

To be a regular customer and enjoy the bonus card is very profitable:

1.      Continuously receiving bonuses which you can use to pay for tourist services in our company.

2.      If your card has sufficient funds you do not need to carry cash.

3.      For the VIP card holders specific additional services are provided:

- Personal Assistant (in the UAE)

- Concierge service (booking of tickets for concerts, tables at restaurants and clubs in the UAE)

- 10% discount in the Rudolf Kampf boutique to all products, including the exclusive limited series.

How to get a bonus card?

Any traveler, a personal assistant or organization who used the services of our company for more than three times can become a member of the Marutzzi Travel Club.

What are the terms and conditions of the bonus program?

  1. The bonus program is introduced on May 1st , 2011 and is valid for one year.
  2. The bonus card will be issued after completing a questionnaire.
  3. The rules of the bonus program may be amended with a prior notice.
  4. While conducting other programs related to provision of discounts, such discounts and the discounts from the bonus cards don’t get added to each other.
  5. The bonus card cannot be transferred to another person.
  6. Marutzzi Travel & Tourism Tourism reserves the right to decide which card the customer will be provided with or to refuse to issue a card without further explanations.

For more information on the bonus accrual system, please contact:


Join Marutzzi Travel Club and do not miss the upcoming events!