New centre for tourists in Rostov

Now Rostov-on-Don has information centre for tourists. It was created for the development of tourism industry. This center will include actual information about hotels, restaurants, museums, theatres and other entertainment things from travel agencies. They also will take all expenses for personnel maintenance and other services.


Victor Tsoy in Saint-Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg Urban Council decided to establish the monument in honor of Victor Tsoy. Svetlana Vlasova, the founder of the funding “Memory of Tsoy”, mentioned that it is really hard to cast him in a full length. Moreover, she said that the whole work will take about 1-2 years. The monument will be set up in […]


Unique bridge in Russia

439 meters long suspension bridge od Sochi, Russia is a thing for russians to be proud of. It was openedin summer 2014 and has 2 sightseeing platforms. The Telegraph claims it can stand earthquake and it is made of 740 tonnes of steel. For now this is the longest bridge in the world.


Free entrances to Russian museums for kids

“In 2015 all children will have free entrance to Russian under federal jurisdiction museums”, — said the Minister of Cultural Affairs, Vladimir Medinsky. Moreover, it doesn’t matter of kid’s nationality. “Our museums are the best places for historical and cultural education. As more children there, as more we achieve our goals!” According to Medinsky, the […]


Altai for everyone

Around 20 informative touristic sites will be set up in Russian district Altai to promote the most iconic places of this land. Government supports this region in touristic sphere. Currently special stands on main destinations are creating. They contain information on two languages — Russian and English.


Panda Park in Moscow

In 2015 the rope «Panda Park» will be opened on the territory of “Kolomenskoe”. This is a relatively new attraction in Moscow, which is a journey through the route with rope crossings, fixed between the trunks of trees. Moreover, there will be used not only trees, but also columns and special complex structures. According to […]


Mineral waters development

Skolkovo will develop a strategy for the medical cluster development of Caucasian Mineral Waters. \»The main aim today is to upgrade existing facilities and to lay the foundation for the medical and spa cluster of new generation\», — said the head of the Ministry of Public Health Lev Kuznetsov. Moreover, it will be possible to […]


Apothecary Garden in Moscow

Moscow “Apothecary Garden” celebrates its 210th anniversary. On this day, the emperor Alexander I personally signed the petition of the Minister of Education to grant 11 thousand rubles. All this money went on the special garden for the Moscow State University. Today the “Apothecary Garden” is the oldest botanical garden in Russia. It was founded […]


Contests for the Victory Day

The best works of the “Jubilant May” and “This is our victory” contests will appear at Pyatigorsk’s streets. Involved will be not only banners and billboards, but also city-formats, screens, consoles in different sizes and locations. 76 square meters of advertising space will be set aside for children\’s drawings. Overall, the theme of the anniversary […]