Free museum\’s entrances

On 9 May six subordinate museums will have free entrances. Moreover, they will be opened from 12 pm to 9 pm. So, in Moscow you can visit the Museum of Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia, State Museum of the Defence of Moscow, museum and memorial complex “History of the T-34”, the Museum of […]


Something new of the Sokolniki park

Organizer Committee of the “Sokolniki” park is actively preparing for new summer season. It will be officially opened on May 1st. The park will be available for 72 entertainment services. Moreover, this summer will be opened the Summer Theater, new beach areas, new libraries, Central beds, etc. Everyone can find their own interesting thing.


Wi-Fi in aeroexpress trains

“Aeroexpress” company decided to get on the road the Wi-Fi system. So, all passengers can use free internet during their trip to airports. The middle gear is 25-25 MByte/s. It is a great opportunity to surf the Internet and always be in touch with your family, friends and colleagues. “Aeroexpress” hopes that all clients will […]


Great Russian Artists on the Moscow streets

The project “Art Tour” World Museums Masterpieces on the streets. Great Russian Artists on the Moscow streets” will be started at 18 April. There Moscow citizens and tourists will see 40 reproductions of masterpieces from different Moscow museums. It is important that the exposition’s opening will be at the International Monuments Day. The idea of […]


Lubyanka’s street art

The most famous metro station “Lubyanka” turned into a work of art. One of the Moscow Art Studio has made a mural in the graffiti style. Bright colors and interesting story are the basis of this project. It is called “I love Moscow”. So, there everyone can see Moscow’s cultural monuments, such as, St. Basil\’s […]


Planetarium\’s contest

Moscow Planetarium has announced its new contest. The winner will get two tickets to small Starry Hall. It is the only one place with domical screen, dynamic armchairs and stereo projection in Russia. Everyone can take a part in this competition. You just only have to post pictures, which are made in Planetaruim, on Instagram. […]


“Transaero” decision

Russian airline “Transaero” has appealed to the Ministry of Transport with a proposal to cancel the prohibiting order of using mobile devices during a flight. According to a new study of the European Aviation Safety Agency and the Federal Aviation Administration signals from mobile phones do not affect the operation of the plane\’s equipment. So, […]


Stalin\’s museum in Tver

House-museum of Joseph Stalin will be opened in Tver region. The main organizer is the Russian military-historical society. The museum will be located in “Khoroshevo Rezhevskoy” village. It will have a focus on Stalin\’s personality as a military leader, statesman and politician. Also tourists will learn more about different topics: “10 Stalin’s strikes”, “The contribution […]


Kazan tourist train

8 May the tourist train will leave from Yekaterinburg to Kazan. It is a special RZD program. First time these trains brought tourists from Moscow, Samara and Ulyanovsk (during the Universiade 2013) to the capital of Tatarstan. So, in Kazan tourists can visit places of interests, such as the mosque Kul Sharif, Kazan Arbat and […]