USSR Museum

Simple yet cheerful, a child-friendly museum for all about Soviet material culture. Short on floor space and drawn-out explanations (in Russian and English), the USSR Museum manages to pack in a strong collection of Soviet memorabilia: from arcade game machines to domestic electronics, household items, toys and games and movie posters. A reconstructed communal apartment puts the museum’s talent for arranging its collection in perspective. The real gems are for Soviet car and motorcycle enthusiasts: Pobeda (Victory), ZAZ-965, Muravey scooter trike and the “Ural” motorcycle, where you can watch an old car chase on film in the sidecar. For those too squeamish to visit the real thing, there’s a reconstruction of Lenin’s mausoleum. A great museum for children given the absence of security guards and glaring eyes. Be prepared for musical accompaniment. Photography permitted.

Admission 250Rbl.

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