About Us

Welcome to the world of luxury travel!

Our main focus is on providing quality services in the segment of individual tours. Thanks to the years of experience we have and our excellent knowledge of hotels and resorts, we selected for our clients the best ways for leisure and relax.

All our team members have been working in the field of tourism for a long time and proved to be top class professionals, which complement the way we work with individual tourists, utilizing our great experience and excellent knowledge & skills to offer the best options for leisure and relax just with an initial enquiry in hand.

For the VIP tourists it will be given a truly royal service and personal attention to all their whims and wishes. We have a large number of luxury hotels in the UAE to meet the most refined tastes of the travelers. In our work we actively use international online booking systems giving us the opportunity to have real-time information about the availability for a large number of hotels around the world.

For businessmen we organize business trips to meet with business partners, visit and participate in exhibitions, see companies from industries of particular interest. Upon request «Marutzzi» will assist if the communication with business partners could be done in an informal setting, for example on the golf course or the yacht board. Corporate travel is our specialty. For representatives of large companies and international corporations we organize seminars and conferences combined with great leisure and entertainment programs aimed to maintain the team spirit and strengthen the corporate culture adopted by the company.

To understand what is perfect for you we don’t spare our time to communicate face to face and elaborate on the request down to the very least detail. Like a good jeweler who creates unique jewelry we take in consideration the unique personality of the client to create an unforgettable vacation. Even when you’re traveling we are always with you. Your consultant will call you to check how your journey is.

Following the idea that in any business it is a firmly fixed axiom to attract, keep and encourage partners and customers we are pleased to offer a special bonus program for our regular individual and corporate clients. When becoming a client of our company you will automatically receive a personalized club card. For better interaction between the client and our company, as well as to improve the customer satisfaction and quality of service we provide a special service — «personal assistant». Apparently understanding the habits and tastes, and the knowledge of individual requirements always help to better organize the trip. In order to ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction from communicating with the company, upon customer request we can assign a personal assistant whom it is more convenient to communicate with.

Upon customer request «Marutzzi» can book any of the thousands of the best hotels in the world, hire a yacht or private jet, lease a luxury limousine, comfortable villa or an old castle. You will be able to visit several cities or countries, to combine a business trip and vacation, to spend your vacation on a private island known only to a limited elite circle. We are confident that we have everything needed to create for you a vacation full of exceptional excitement!

Evgenia Tabanakova — CEO of Marutzzi Travel & Tourism

Marutzzi Travel & Tourism Team